Chairperson Jenny Gilmartin Health & Safety Officer Vanda Rowlands

Treasurer Chris Jessop Caretaker/Gardener Nigel Rowlands

Secretary Glyn Wilson Statutory Policies Officer Katie Fuller

Bookings Secretary Carol Jessop Data Protection Officer Andrea Draper

Lottery Officer Louise McKie 

Lottery Officer Marie Sheader

Councillor Jonathan Owen (ERYC) Vacant  (All Saints Church)

Vacant (Kilham PC)       Carol Moore 

Katherine Tanner (Tapestry Group) Claire Wernham (WI)

Tim Marshall (Kilham Bowls) Christine Snowden

Carol Wright David Snowden


The story begins in November 1947 when the trustees of the Kilham Village Hall Management Committee bought a parcel of land and buildings from the Kilham Foresters Society (1856-1955) for £350. The land bordered on to Church Lane and contained a building known as the Temperance Hall, a cottage and outbuildings. The Temperance Hall became the original Village Hall. This was built in 1880 with red and yellow bricks and round headed windows. A modern entrance hall was added to the south of the building.

In March 1981 a larger adjoining parcel of land was bought from Twydale Turkeys Ltd for £800. This land previously had poultry houses on it and was used for an annual carnival, bonfire and other events.

In 1988 a planning application was submitted for a new Village Hall to be built, this was finally granted in Jan 1989.

After several false starts, over builders and funding, building work started early in 1991with a projected 12 month build. After further delays and build issues the new Village Hall was finally signed off by the local authority in May 1993. 

The old Village Hall closed on Thursday 13th May 1993 and was subsequently demolished, the new Village Hall opened for business on Wednesday 19th May 1993.

The site of the old village hall land is now the play area, part of the car park and entrance drive.

The total build cost for the new Village Hall was £156,042 of which £94,030 came from grants and £62,012 from village hall funds after many years of fund raising.

Memories of Kilham's old Village Hall 

No pictures I’m afraid, but lots of happy memories,

Wonder if any Kilham folk remember the Friday night pictures, early 50s (that’s 1950s btw), one and sixpence to watch a cowboy picture, and a cartoon B picture, if you wanted a better seat it was two bob on a stage seat.

And of course the New Years party’s when all us kids got an apple and an orange, A cracker and paper hat, Happy days,

Village Hall 1950's

Kilham Keep Fit Class 1960's